Sinclair will be back on BBC Radio Lincolnshire 23 May 2014 from 1.00. #lunchbunch

Reverse back on the ‘Lunch Bunch!’

It’s ‘Lunch Bunch’ time again!

On Friday 23 May (2014) I’ll be taking part in another of BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s regular ‘Lunch Bunch’ chats with other guests on the Nicola Gilroy show. Nicola selects a couple of the day’s topical news stories for the panel, and a lively discussion ensues! It will be the second time that I will be taking part. Last time, the subjects ranged from ‘should public art be commercially minded’ to ‘is competition in a relationship a good thing?’.

One thing’s for sure – it’ll be interesting! Hope you can tune in to have a listen.

@reversedesign   #lunchbunch


Reverse back on the 'Lunch Bunch!'Sinclair Ashman


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