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They are an ideal choice for beginner aquarists for their hardy personality and adaptability to different water conditions. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. They are easy to care for and require very less maintenance. Some of the not-so-peaceful fish include: Besides the aggressive ones, the fish that are not able to live in warm-water conditions should not be housed with the discus. As the name suggests, the German blue rams are renowned for their distinctive blue coloring. Rainbow fishes). It does not belong to the true Goby family Gobiidae. So if you are planning to make them companions of your discus, make sure to purchase a set of four and invest in a large aquarium. However, it is best to keep them in water temperatures between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also important to stick with a larger tank so that any territorial fish can have thei… Keeping the tank covered at all times is the best way to prevent them from escaping. In fact, if you have a shy discus that is often found hiding in the corners of the aquarium, put in a school of cardinal tetras to enhance its socializing behavior. However, the tank mates for harlequin should not be aggressive or predators. Feeding is also not an issue with the gourami as they happily consume a variety of diets including flakes, live, and frozen foods. With its large, disc-shaped body and its availability in a rainbow of colors, this species of the Cichlid family is a favorite for many fish keepers. Aside from other fish of the same species, these fish fair pretty well with almost all other peaceful fish. They usually accept everything but make sure you provide an adequate amount of flakes in their diet along with frozen and live foods to meet their nutritional requirements. A single fish or pair can easily be kept in a 10 gallon tank along with some schooling dither species, like tetras or rasboras. They enjoy warm water between the temperature of 78–85 degrees Fahrenheit with pH level between 6 and 7. The discus breeds for life and the couple might become territorial when exposed to other fish. He seemed quite healthy, displaying gorgeous, rich coloration, eating greedily, and even fathered multiple batches of fry. It can be distinguished by its maximum size of 110 mm (50 mm in the Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon), wide gill openings (gill openings narrower), thin bands on the lower sides of body and belly (lines absent), pectoral rays 18-19 (15-16) and gill rakers on first arch 14-20 (11-12). African cichlid. One of the more underappreciated freshwater fishes, the Peacock Gudgeon, Tateurndina ocellicauda, is a freshwater goby hailing from Papua New Guinea. They are also classified as ‘cleaners’ and eat up leftover food particles as well as the snails that form in the bottom of the tank, keeping the aquarium clean. Discus—this beautifully patterned freshwater fish in a greenery-filled aquarium is an appealing sight. Are British Shorthairs Brachycephalic? So, what other types of fish can you successfully keep with a discus? Obviously a larger tank will also provide enough space for the multiple caves needed to prevent territorial aggression. The glowlight tetra boasts a bright neon red strip along their body that shines when the lights of the aquarium are dimmed. They are peaceful and adaptable to different water conditions. Additionally, the discus lays egg and there is a potential danger to the fry as well as the eggs from other tank mates. That way you'd have room am for a few center pieces. These copper-red colored beauties are true freshwater fish and enjoy soft and acidic parameters in their habitat. Proper care in a well- decorated or well- aquarium with good filtration can encourage this fish to spawn in the home aquarium. Before purchasing your discus, it is best to inquire the seller about the sex of your fish. It is a favorite amongst many fish keepers for its delicate appearance. Is it Possible to Have a Pet Cat Even with Pet Allergies? Native to the Amazon River, the discus prefers warm water with temperatures between 82 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. Another good companion for the discus is the Ancistrus, more commonly known as the bristlenose pleco or the bushynose pleco. A discus is a sensitive species of fish and can become spooked from sudden noise, changes in light, and fluctuating water conditions. ( 2 females 2 males) However, my male guppies often fight (7 females to 3 males) and one even murdered his rival guppy bro. They do very well with their tank mates (7 platies, 4 neon tetras, 2 lemon tetras, 5 zebra danios, 2 bumblebee gobies, 2 orange tetras, 3 glowlight tetras and 2 algae eaters (with a bunch of shrimp). This fish boasts neon red and blue vertically striped body coloration, similar to the Scarlet Badis (Dario dario), but it also has a neon yellow margin along the edge of all of its fins. Cardinal tetras are one of the best companions for a discus. They should also not be of an aggressive nature, have a habit of nipping, or compete with the discus for food. Moreover, fish keepers often have a hard time deciding on the best tank mates for these fish. I have it here with some pygmies corydoras, there’s also auto-sync lists in here one pleco, they can get a little territorial with their own kind, that’s why I say if you have a big enough tank, I would get a group of them otherwise just a pair probably like a 10 gallon tank would be alright. The fish prefers staying in an aquarium that is well planted with plenty of rocks and driftwood. Can a discus fish jump out of the tank? How Many Discus Fish in 3, 10,15,20,25 or 30-Gallon Tanks? Peacock Gudgeons thrive in a tank with a capacity of at least 40 liters. The pentazona barb is often called the five-banded barb for the five dark bands that run across its body. They come from eastern Papua New Guinea in many of the same habitats as the blue-eyes and compliment planted rainbow tanks extremely well. Introduction Are you looking for a community fish that demands the least attention? Most fish keepers attribute this susceptibility of the peacock gudgeon fish to the long shipment that it has to endure while being shipped from Southeast Asia. The tetras are calm and peaceful. One of the most beautifully marked of all freshwater gobies, the Peacock Gudgeon originates from rainforest streams in Papua New Guinea but is now commercially bred for the aquarium trade all over the world. This good-looking small fish actually is not a carp gudgeon, it is a representative of Eleotridae family. I've never seen them make any sort of aggressive move what-so-ever. Additional names Eye Spot Sleeper, Peacock Gudgeon, Peacock Goby. Additionally, the cardinal tetras are dither fish. You should try to maintain a water temperature of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a water pH of 6-7. One of the drawbacks of keeping the peacock gudgeon is its susceptibility to different diseases which can potentially infect the complete tank. There has been the occasional report of these fish fin nipping smaller tank mates. Peacock Gudgeon or Tateurndina ocellicauda is a small and colorful fish native to lowland rivers & ponds in New Guinea. Dwarf Gourami or Pearl Gourami Although, most kinds of gouramis go well with the discus, we advise you to keep the dwarf and pearl kind … However, when you add them to the tank, make sure to cycle the tank, as they do not do well in a freshwater aquarium. It is possible to keep somewhat territorial fish in the same tank. Glow light tetras are small and leave plenty of space for their discus tank mates. The agassizi appreciate warm water with pH levels between five and seven. But what about its behavior with other fish species? Though, you need to make sure that those fish are not big enough to eat the Peacock Gudgeons. Food and feeding. Do read the fish’s care requirements carefully before you make the plunge, as you may need to modify your tank setup or maintenance routine. I’m also floating plants as well you can see, I don’t have any substrate, because again this is my quarantine tank, now these guys being a Goby that means, they’re pretty good jumpers, so you don’t want them in an open-top aquascape and definitely need a tank cover! These types of fish are easy to care for and thrive when provided with great quality water not exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit. I just got 2 Peacock gudgeons and they are wonderful additions to my 340 L tank. When kept in a group of eight or more, the long fin red white cloud fish will become more active and colorful. However, this does not mean you should keep them single and we recommend that you keep them in a group of five or six other discus for companionship and security as well. They swim back and forth in the aquarium without bothering their tank mates and adjust instantly in the environment provided. Let us take a look at some awesome tank mates for this aesthetically appealing fish. What can we sum up about Peacock Gudgeon? Clown loaches prefer darkness and usually look for places to hide when there are a lot of bright lights; just like the discus. It will give them the space they need to live as they would in the wild. The ancistrus are peaceful fish and are usually found grazing at the bottom of the tank. Peacock Gudgeon Aquarium Care Guide. The Peacock Gudgeon offers the seasoned hobbyists the excitement of breeding these gorgeous fish. Additionally, the rummy nose tetras are a schooling fish so always keep them in a group. Originating from New Guinea, the peacock gudgeon fish are very peaceful and very undemanding in nature. Both of these fish from the gourami family are hardy and require minimal maintenance. However, make sure that you provide the pentazona with adequate supply of food that contains a combination of meat, vegetables, commercial flakes and pellets. the males have a more pronounced forehead and females a more rounded body. There are plenty of Peacock Gudgeon tank mates you can choose from. How to determine the gender of your discus fish? They are one of the most popular aquarium fish for their vibrant coloring and low maintenance.

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