Stone & Water

Stone & Water is a small, family-run Lincolnshire business, supplying genuine solid granite products into the UK and Irish markets. We used their passion for their materials and gardens as our cue to design a timeless yet flexible branding system that allowed them to incorporate selling messages and offers into the logo unit. We also wrote the offer messages and extended the colour range to accommodate them.

The new branding made a feature of clean, white backgrounds that allowed the product images more prominence than the previously illustrated design. We also devised product specification panels for each water feature and sculpture, providing garden centre specifiers with all the information they need to make ordering decisions.

“The re-branding was such an important element for us to get right, because it is the foundation for who we are. With that in place we could move on to the next stages where our branding is key. A big thank you to Sinclair for the value his design ideas have added to our business.”
Grethe Andresen, Business Owner and Director

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