Behaviour. That’s what brands are all about.

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When giving talks to small business networking groups or design students about branding, I always say ‘…brands are not about logos. Brands are about behaviour’. It’s clear to me that people know this to be true, but their behaviour often belies the fact. When I ask business owners about their brand, they often talk me about their visual collateral – brand styling, including language, colours and (wait for it) the logo.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This is understandable, because most people latch onto what they can see and identify with. So, I like to give an example of ‘brand as behaviour’ that demonstrates what I mean. I recently remembered an old news article about the band One Direction. It talked about how a ‘dope’ scandal (scandal? really?) probably did nothing to hurt their reputation amongst their core fan base. In fact, the article maintained that it may have helped them to connect with an entirely new, slightly older audience. Yes, One Direction has a logo, a well-maintained website and a distinctive look and feel, all carefully choreographed, no doubt, by their management and record label. However, for their all-important fans, what they do and how they do it are the main concern. It’s the same story for every brand including those of small businesses, like yours and mine.

The story also highlighted something else that all of us who own or represent small businesses should all remember. It’s that people are brands too.

Story credit: The Independent