Brand ads don’t work on me

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As someone who has worked in the och design industry for more than 20 years, I think I’m immune to the seductive power of advertising. Can this be true? After all, in the UK, on average we see over 3,000 selling messages in the course of a single day (but only news? take notice of around 70 of them). I tend to avoid adverts like the plague, by turning the sound off for ad breaks on TV – hardly an advertiser’s See dream.

Yes, I know that many advertisements are not intended to make you go out the NOW! and purchase something site! – that they position brand qualities in your head, ready for the moment when a buying decision takes place. However, I’m just not on the radar as far as advertisers are concerned. Why? I’m not in the habit of Users buying many branded goods. only Perhaps it’s because I Church know that in many instances (such as in supermarket shopping), the own brand alternative or the Aldi or Lidl version is, for many items, as good as the branded product. Similarly, researchers conducting Deutschlands surveys on behalf of brands get completely flummoxed when I give answers to their questions regarding the brands I buy;

Do you use?…No.
Do you buy?…No.
Would you use?…No.

Perhaps all I’ve proved is that own brand advertising works on me, or that those subtle brand messages take longer to have any effect on me. Whatever the case, advertisers beware! You’ll have to work harder on people like me, because there may be more of us about than you think.