‘Raise Your Game’: Reverse talks in Nottingham

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Would you like free branding advice?

Can you be in Nottingham on 8 October or 12 November?

All you need to do is get along to the Antenna business hub. Sinclair Ashman of Reverse will be presenting two special ‘Raise Your Game’ sessions on brand creation and development for small and medium-sized businesses.

8 October:
Raise Your Game: Brand Development

So, you have an existing visual identity for your brand. A smart logo, website and stationery are all in place. So that’s job done, right?

Think again. The identity is just the thin ‘outer skin’ of your brand. Inside, the heart of your brand is about how you behave; how you treat customers and the promises you make – constant work in progress.

Come along and be prepared for a lively discussion!

12 November:
Raise Your Game: Brand Creation

In Business Startup world, it’s a familiar story. The product or service idea is fantastic. The business plan is in place and finance is sorted. Cash Flow Forecasts are done, the marketing plan is ready.

There’s just one thing missing – a distinctive brand.

Your brand represents how you do business. It encompasses the values you hold and their communication through visual, textual and written language. This session shows how you can use branding to Raise Your Game from day one.