Reverse Design Tip 1: Start at the beginning

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 соответствие качества и цен при строительстве.

You’re creating a new piece of marketing communication or a campaign. Where should you start? Start with some questions around a specific audience and situation that the collateral needs to address. It’s called the five W’s of marketing: who? what? where? when? and why?

In no particular order…

Quite simply, who does it need to communicate with?

What information or offer do you need to offer to achieve your objective(s)

Where are your potential customers? This is not just about location. It’s also about the kinds of media they consume and the physical platforms they are connected to.

A specific time of the day/week/month or year may be an important factor in communicating with your target audience. For example, a campaign to promote coffee to commuters in the morning, near main railway stations would be appropriate.

Perhaps the most important question. Why communicate/market at all? The aims and objectives should be carefully considered before doing anything or spending any money.

The answers to these questions will give you something tangible against which you can measure the effectiveness of the communication and to differentiate you from the competition. It also provides crucial information for designers, because in there somewhere are the seeds of genuine (and relevant) creativity.

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