Reverse Design Tip 3: Go on, impress me! You’ve got 3 seconds

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 Такелажные крепления

You – and your branded collateral – have a very limited amount of time to make an impression on potential customers.

How limited? Check this out:

So, make those first impressions count…

On your literature, make sure that there’s a relevant and interesting message on the cover – preferably with a supporting image – that contains a specific customer benefit.

Your website should showcase your work do, talk about why your company is special and what you can do for potential customers. it should contain relevant and up to date content on the home page or landing pages.

In a business networking situation, don’t be tempted to start talking about what you do straight away. When you’re chatting with a potential customer, spend time listening to them. Ask them about their business; their ambitions for it, how it could be improved, what they need help with etc. Only then should you explain what you and how you can help. Remember, it’s all about ‘customer benefit’ – what’s in it for them.

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