Reverse Design Tip 6: The Table Test

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 Теплая штукатурка своими руками

Here’s a quick tip. What can you do to check the health of your brand and its communications?

Try the ‘Table Test’…

What’s it for? It’s a simple, quick way to analyse the effectiveness and consistency of your marketing materials. How’s it done?

1) Gather all of your branded marketing materials from the last year or two and spread them out across a table. Include a computer so you can include your website.

2) Now, try to look at everything objectively. Are the messages consistent? Do the visual and textual messages look and sound as if they come from the same place? Does the quality of the imagery do justice to the quality of your products or services? Is it interesting to look at and read? Most importantly, how does it stack up against your competitors?

3) The next step is to get someone else – someone who you trust to give you some honest answers – to do the same. Note the observations and comments they make – are they the same? If they differ, it’s best to take their points as closest to the truth, as they have no vested interest in the decision-making process.

If all of the answers are positive, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done (at least for another six months when you need to check it again). If most of them are negative, you should consider getting some professional help.

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