Reverse Design Tip 8: The importance of texture

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8: The importance of texture

Everyone who has a stake in finding a unique positioning for a company, organisation or small business, knows how hard it is to achieve.

‘…it’s the marketing messages – they’re not right’!
”…we need better illustrations’
‘…the design isn’t appropriate for our target audience’

I’ve heard clients, design and marketing professionals, use these kinds of descriptions. Yes, they are important. They describe the difficulties they have in finding that ‘special something’ with which to differentiate a brand identity. An approach might be to consider a little more closely the range of human senses most of us have. Quite rightly, we spend a lot of time making sure that the marketing content of printed materials is right Read More Here. But how many of us consider what it feels like?

Paper trends come and go. However, I’ve generally found that most people favour matt, uncoated papers to glossy ones. This is because they have a more interesting feel on the hands. Glossy papers feel cheaper. As an example, most people would prefer the feel of a cloth-bound hardback book to a laminated paperback – it feels more precious, more valuable.

So, when it comes to choosing a paper stock, don’t just go for the cheapest or the most convenient. Give it the same, careful consideration you would lavish on your copywriting, photography or illustration style. Ask printers or paper companies for different paper samples – uncoated, matt, silk and yes, gloss. Keep them close and refer to them. As a potential point of difference between a brand and its competition, this solution can be the one thing that just feels ‘right’.

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