Should SME’s stop marketing and brand building in harsh economic times?

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I’m sure that most business owners would shout No!! But is this what is happening in practice? Well, yes and no. According to a recent Marketing Donut survey, word-of-mouth marketing through referrals and recommendations, are currently replacing more traditional methods, such as direct mail and directory listings. Linked In is a great example of the power of this approach.

I believe that these low-cost, slow-burn marketing methods have their place right alongside companies’ existing communications tools. Of prime importance here are corporate websites. However, although most SMEs recognise the importance of their online presence, my experience of looking at thousands of SME websites is that they often do not reflect or enhance the quality of the products or services they represent.

By way of example, I often see pictures of what are undoubtedly beautiful and unusual products undermined by dull and inconsistently photographed images and carelessly written or boring descriptions. Everything we show and write about our products and services is of vital importance in developing the notion of trust amongst current and potential customers. Paying attention to detail in the existing marketing tools we have is as important as taking advantage of the new opportunities afforded by social networking.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

What do you think?