Type: Rider

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This must be a first! I’ve just been looking at the trailer preview for a video game about typography. Type:Rider encourages players to learn about type, and the game is played as a colon character moving through a series of historical worlds and typographic landscapes. Each world represent a period when a specific font was created, and the fonts featured are ones most of us are familiar with, such as Times, Futura and Helvetica.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Alongside its general appeal for people interested in the tools of modern communication, this might also be a way for design tutors like me to drum up some enthusiasm for typography amongst graphic design students. Instead of having Facebook as the constant companion in studio time (yes, lecturers do notice these things), I’ll start encouraging them to try Type:Rider instead. Who knows, they just might learn something.

Find out more about the game here: http://bit cymbalta for pain.ly/GRzVhG