Will design buyers still buy during the recession?

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I was pondering this question recently at a local business networking event. There we all were, around 120 local firms listening to business leaders, entrepreneurs, an economist and a banker Ron (yes, some of them do have a useful purpose!), etc talking about how businesses can survive the recession. Many common-sense strategies, such as sensible financial planning, investment in innovation and talented staff were mentioned and discussed. However, no one suggested that investment in brand development and marketing should remain a priority. So when I asked a question on whether marketeers should still be spending at normal levels in a recession, I was gratified when the panellist answered in the affirmative. But don’t just take my word for it. Respected market research experts Millward Brown recently had this to say: ‘It’s been proven that an increase in marketing spend during a recession can gain a long-term advantage for a brand’… and …‘a smart frontrunner will seize the lead and Breakfast work to increase it while others are flagging’. So if you’re responsible for marketing your business, why not make sure that your brand and marketing materials are in good shape for the upturn – call a brand design specialist now!