Fantastic day at the Stourton Estate

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A rare treat today! I tagged along on a brilliant farm visit to Top Yard Farm, at Baumber, near Horncastle in Lincolnshire. The visit was organised by the local Women’s Institute (WI), following a talk given to the group by the current owner, Antony Strawson. Group members’ partners were invited to come along, which is how I managed to get a place on the trip.

The estate, which borders the busy A158 that runs between Lincoln and Horncastle and on to the coast at Skegness, really is a hidden gem. Andrew and his team are passionate about sustainable livestock farming, woodland management techniques and arboriculture to improve the natural landscape, protect it for future generations and ensure its financial viability. We were priveleged to see Longhorn cattle, Red Deer, Tamworth pigs and recent lambs in the fields, and we herad Antony talking about his progress and future plans to restore the 19th Century deer parkland and arboretum to their former glory.

Huge thanks to Antony and his lovely family for inviting us to see the estate.

Check out the Friends of Stourton Facebook page.

Red Deer


Ruins of early 16th century Stourton Hall

Antony and his Tamworth pigs


Longhorn cattle