Printmaking Friday!

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Today, I’m planning on taking a break from graphic design, promoting Reverse Design or anything ‘serious’ like that. Today is Printmaking Friday!. I’ll be messing around with acrylic gels, crackle paste, sculpting tools, household filler and a whole load of other textured materials. I’ll be indulging in one of my other interests – collagraphs. Collagraphs are a form of relief printing where textures are built up on a flat, stable surface. This can be as simple (and cheap) as mount board or, in today’s experiments, acrylic sheet or perspex.

I obtained the special gels for mixing with carborundum (fine sand). With this, I’ll build up the plate surface in layers, working other materials into it while it’s still wet. I’ll then allow it set over a couple of days, before taking it to the Ropewalk Gallery to print next week.

I’ll post again after then to show the results.

The Ropewalk Gallery and arts centre, Barton upon Humber.

Thanks to Dean Russell Thompson of Copperplate Daily for the inspiration.