Second Life, or only life?

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What happens when an online persona becomes an individual’s only reality? The 3 story of the ‘romance’ between Dave Barmy, the alter ego of David Pollard and Linda Brinkley (aka Modesty McDonnell). Caused quite a By stir when it was widely reported late last year. These Second Lifers turned a relationship between their computer generated characters or ‘avatars’ into a real life affair – disappearing into the virtual sunset, wrecking the lives of their real-life partners along the way.

Is this where we’re headed – forsaking real relationships for an online life? It’s been estimated that users spend an average of just over news? 56 hours in Second Life per month – that’s nearly two hours per day being someone Pictures else. Whilst I like some computer games as much as the next person, I draw nice a line Adobe between playing a game as a character and becoming one.

So let’s invest a lot more time cherishing and developing our important personal relationships and a lot less living an artificial life.