The So Festival in Horncastle

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Last night, for one night, The normally Skegness-based SO Festival of arts and culture wasn’t in Skegness, but here in our famous Lincolnshire market town of Horncastle. Billed as the ‘Enchanted Town Illuminations, large scale projections, films and live performances turned the market town into a large outdoor theatre, cinema and music venue, rolled into one.

It seemed as if most of the town’s population was on the streets of this small Lincolnshire market town, waiting for darkness to descend so that they could see the amazing projections on the town’s landmark buildings.

The bell tower of St Mary’s church was illuminated by projection artist Ross Ashton’s ‘Spiritus’, inspired by the Tennyson poem ‘Ring out wild bells’. A short walk away saw the Bridge Café come to life with The Magical Spying Glass, an animated projection and soundscape interpretation of the weird worlds encountered by the botanist Sir Joseph Banks on his voyages alongside Captain James Cook to the South Pacific.

It was a great idea to bring the festival to our town. It brought loads of people of all ages onto the streets and showed us a different view of the town we now call home.


‘The Magical Spying Glass’ (The Bridge Café)

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St Mary’s Church, lit up by ‘Spiritus’