What, no scones?!!

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Recently, a free afternoon after a teaching session gave me the chance for a leisurely sit down and a read in one of Lincoln’s fine tea shops on Steep Hill. It seems that the highlight for many that travel to the city for a day out is a traditional English cream tea from this particular, with scones, jam and clotted cream. A party of around six arrived, perused the menu and made their choices – six cream teas.

Unfortunately for them, all the scones had been eaten up earlier in the afternoon. On hearing this, the entire party bristled in that peculiarly polite yet forceful English way, rose to their feet as one and departed in a cloud of dust. It was a concerted charge for the door, like the first day of the January sales. Someone from another table had suggested that they might be able to hunt down the last scones in Lincoln further down the hill.

That’s why I love England – you can often find real drama in the most surprising places.

Back to that book…


© Image by Karen Booth at Flickr: http://bit.ly/1pn3Zpn