Every One (formerly known as LCYCP – Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership) is a Lincolnshire-based social enterprise and registered charity, that aims to work inclusively with everyone, to ensure that carers and people that are cared for are at the centre of their own wellbeing. Their audiences also include practitioners in the care sector, and they offer ‘live’ and online training courses for all of their audience groups.
They asked us to give them an entire set of visual tools with which to communicate with these audiences. Like most charities, even one as specialised as Every One, their challenge is that they operate within a very crowded sector. Therefore, their name, strapline and identity needed to be distinctive and descriptive, accurately defining their role and how they benefit service users. To achieve this, we suggested the name Every One and worked together to develop the strapline ‘Making wellbeing personal’.
We now had a communications direction, something that would determine the visual and written language used within all subsequently branded materials. These included naming and strapline ideas, logo, website, stationery and banners.
The identity needed to reflect their values of the organisation, and be bright, simple and eye catching. We knew that their focus in working with people was on helping and supporting individuals. We reflected this in the logotype by placing emphasis on the word ‘one’ and by creating a roundel mark that encloses an ‘e’ within an ‘o’. We designed versions of the roundel to be used both as an entire logo with an associated strapline, and as a seperate unit for use on branded merchandise, such as clothing.
We applied the identity and communications principles to a website, which provides an open ‘invitation’ to audiences to get involved and get in touch. The site introduces their range of services for users and potential partners, and acts as a trusted resource for the wider specialist care sector.
Every One are now using their identity to communicate their new and expanded role as a trusted source of advice, education and support.
You can see the new Every One website here.
What we did: Name creation / Visual identity / Website / Stationery / Banners / Project Management


  • Client Every One
  • Project Type Identity, website and stationery