The Lincolnshire Volunteer Card programme (LVC) invites people within the county to sign up to a new, innovative free training programme that recognises and rewards Lincolnshire Volunteers. The programme also encourages the involvement of training providers and voluntary organisations that ultimately will engage trained staff. Children’s Links, a Lincolnshire charity, commissioned Reverse Design to create the identity.
After discussing the many attributes of the programme with their team, we chose to focus on reflecting the heart and commitment of the volunteers as a key to developing the logo device. The implied arrow in the ‘v’ refers to the direct application of skills and experience. Above all, we wanted to give the programme team a memorable identity to give them visibility within a crowded voluntary sector. We also contributed the ‘Hands up’ copy line and graphic, giving the LVC team supporting tools to help communicate with their audiences.




  • Client Lincolnshire Volunteer Card
  • Project Type Marketing communications