Personal Career Management provides high quality, career coaching, outplacement and career management programmes for individual and corporate clients.
Reverse worked closely with the management to identify the particular strengths of the company. We concentrated on the fact that each coaching and career support programme is tailored to be bespoke and perfect for the individual. This led to the idea of the jigsaw logo device.
However, we wanted to give the company more than just a logo. We developed a unique positioning language that they could use to truly differentiate themselves within their crowded market. To this end, we created the brand strapline ‘Love Monday Mornings’.
This strapline works because it accurately and engagingly captures the attitude that the company – through its people – aim to instil in their clients. It demonstrates their love for what they do and the positive effects of that work on their clients’ careers and personal development.
If you run a professional services firm or are responsible for its marketing, why not contact us today? We can help you to breathe new life into your existing identity and marketing materials, or we can help you through a rebranding process, if necessary.
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  • Client Personal Career Management
  • Project Type Branding, naming and marketing communications