Severn Trent plc is one of the UK’s largest providers of water and water treatment services. They service more than 4.2 million households and businesses in the Midlands and mid-Wales and have international customers in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
For their investor relations team, the focus was on communicating three key messages through the annual report; service, quality and environmental leadership. The design team developed a very simple but clever visual idea. They focused on important technological or communications-based issues for the company and juxtaposed two related or contrasting issues or states for each one, highlighting the positive transformation achieved.
The idea was used to show everyday transformations, such as from dirty, unpurified water to clean drinking water. Research into the company’s operations also revealed unusual stories, such as the process by which Biffa Waste (one of their subsidiaries) take aluminium cans and supply the recycled metal to the American company Herman Miller, to be made into office chairs.
The idea was extended into the development of a second, black and white coloured report for the sister company, Severn Trent Water.
© Addison Corporate Marketing. Sinclair Ashman of Reverse was the lead designer on the project and liaised directly with the investor relations/corporate communications team at Severn Trent Plc.














  • Client Severn Trent
  • Project Type Shareholder communications