Tesco’s Corporate Responsibility Review is the means by which the retailing giant shows how its ‘size and success can bring benefits to customers, local economies, staff and the environment’.
The report was designed to show how Tesco, through its policies in areas such as local employment opportunities, recycling, charitable trusts, supplier contracts and store-based power generation are making a positive difference to local communities and Tesco’s international reputation.
The design team chose to feature Tesco staff, its suppliers and community groups to tell the stories of its involvement and commitment to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. To them, ‘Every little helps’ is not just a strapline, but a guiding principle of behaviour.
From Ludlow to Lyon and from Shanghai to Streatham, the report presented these stories of how technical innovation and organisation play a part in its CSR strategy, but above all, how people are the no.1 priority for its business.
© Addison Corporate Marketing. Sinclair Ashman of Reverse was the lead designer on the project.








  • Client Tesco
  • Project Type Shareholder communications